Riser Management Services

Zoom Tech mission is to assist building owners and property management with insuring that their building’s are secure, safe and properly organized in management of the building’s riser system.  We provide telecom riser management services and solutions to commercial building from initial design to completion. We understand that each building is unique and are equipped to design, install and maintain infrastructure best suited to individual requirements. 

Riser systems are valuable commodities that can:

  • Generate revenue for building owners.
  • Considered as a factor to determine the value of a property.

MPOE (Minimum Point of Entry) Room is the first termination point typically of underground cables bringing dial tone and outside services to a building. The Riser Closet is the cross-connect between the backbone cable (building) and horizontal cabling (tenant)

This means to building owners -

  • Controlled access to MDF and IDF locations
  • Reduced liability with regulation requirements and code compliance
  • No recurring cost to property owner
  • Greater access to needed system information
  • Improved tenant satisfaction

For Assessment

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