What is Business PBX Phone System?

Enjoy the reliability, quality, and features of an enterprise phone system, without the expense.

Business PBX is the latest technology in business phone systems. PBX Phone System is a solution  that uses your internet connection and the power to provide your business with feature-rich voice solutions - with more reliability and lower costs. We offer cloud based VoIP solutions as well as cutting edge on-premise based PBX server solutions that are scalable as your business grows.  We manage the whole system and make sure it works so you can stay busy managing your business or taking care of more important projects.  

Benefits of Zoom Tech Business PBX

Lower Cost, More Savings

Moving to a cloud phone PBX system lowers your business communication costs by as much as 40%-80% over traditional phone costs. With Zoom Tech Business PBX Plans, those saving increase over time through the use of our service.  You will received one bill for all your Unified Communications. 


You can get the features you need to make your company more productive. You can have calls forwarded to any device you choose, seamlessly move in-progress calls between phones, and even make calls from anywhere while still having it show as coming from your office number. This solution has the features to support you no matter how or where you work. 

High Reliability

Our phone system can be counted on to connect every call without lagging response times, delays or lapses in call quality. You can count on the superior call quality of each call, as Internet-based telephony is touted for its improved quality over that of traditional PSTN connection. 

Easier Scalability

Business PBX enables your communication requirements to grow seamlessly with your business.  In fact, the PBX solution enables businesses to add phone lines, extensions and even connect to mobile devices without facing the limitations imposed by traditional phone systems’ hardware. 

Business Continuity

When unforeseen emergencies strike (power outage, severe weather, theft, etc.) your business, Zoom Tech PBX can help your business stay afloat by allowing you to forward calls to your mobile devices or to an off-site location. The key to surviving downtime is to maintain a working communications system. 

Enhanced Company Image

Displaying a professional image is a must nowadays, so Zoom Tech PBX systems will help you impress your customers. Among the numerous advantages of the hosted PBX system, we pinpoint extension transfer, call recording, voicemails, the possibility for conference calls, customization of an auto attendant, and music for on-hold calls.