Access Control

Keep business threats at bay with access control.

Zoom Tech Inc focuses on access control products and solutions. Our technicians look at designing systems that will be installed for security aims, while keeping the essential operations that are needed to keep companies running uninterruptedly. 

Protect your location by starting at the door. Every time that a visitor, customer, employee, or vendor enters your building is an opportunity for three things to happen:

  • Inventory and assets to go missing
  • Someone ends up where they’re not supposed to be
  • Company property becomes damaged or destroyed.

By implementing an electronic access control solution it will:

  • Prevent those who want to steal from entering your facility
  • Restrict property damages because no one will gain entry into areas they aren’t authorized to be in.

Whether you’re a small, medium, or enterprise business, our access control systems guarantees:

  • Only authorized personnel can access your building
  • Inventory storage areas will have a log of all personnel going in and out of the area
  • Sensitive areas throughout your operation will be able to be monitored.

Access control solutions will provide a detailed log of:

  • Who was in your facility
  • Where they entered and exited
  • Duration of their visit




Access control can be found at any business front gate. We have gate operating systems that employ the use of (coded card, biometric and digital code systems} to permit entry for cars to parking areas and access within the building. In buildings with elevators, keycards can be programmed to only allow select people onto select floors. The whole building can be wired with access control systems integrated to offer world class security and people management.